Administration : Forecast Types

HAMweather administration allows you to set what forecasts you want to be made available to the web visitor.  Along with what forecasts are available, HAMweather will also allow you to set the name of the template used to display the forecast and the maximum time (in minutes) before a forecast in the HAMweather cache expires.  To modify these settings, click on the "Forecast Types" link in the Administration options at the top left of any administration page.

When viewing the main "Forecast Types" screen, you will see a table of all the available forecast types.  Each row will look similar to this:

Forecast Types
Add New Forecast Type IWIN/URL Template Mode Max Age
Del   Edit aviation aviation.html other.html 0 120
Del   Edit crop crop.html usother.html 2 600
Del   Edit discussion discussion.html other.html 0 120

Forecast Type Column:
This is the forecast type name that you will use inthe forecast=xxxx parameter when requesting a forecast.

IWIN/URL Column:
This is the either the name of the html file on the IWIN the corresponds to the needed weather info. Or it can be a complete URL to the information needed.

Template Column:
The template name, to the right of the forecast type, is the name of the template to use when outputting this forecast.  You may notice that several forecast types use the same template, this is fine.  To change template name, simply type in the name of the new template you want to associate the with the forecast type.  Then click the submit button at the bottom of the table.
NOTE:  HAMweather administration will not check to see if the template exits.  If it does not, remember to create it before allowing web visitors to obtain this forecast type.

The Mode Column:
This will be expanded in the future but for now it shoudl be a number between 0 and 3. With:

Max Age Column:
The max age is the right most text box on each row.  This number is the amount of time a cached forecast is good for before expiring. 

Add New Link:
You click on this link to make a new forecast type be available for use in HAmweather. When you click this you will see a new page with a form that looks similar to below appear. Simply enter the Forecast type, what template to use whenoutputting, the IWIN file or URL to use to fetch the data, function type per the info stated above and finally the Max age to cache the data for in the HAmweather Cache.

Add Forecast Type
Forecast Type: Template:
IWIN File/URL: Function Type:
Max Cache Age (minutes):

DEL Link:
Use this link to delete the current forecast type and it various settings.  Be careful when deleting the various forecast types.

EDIT Link:
Use this link to edit the properties of the current forecast type.


Administrate those Other Templates.