Administration : Include Files

HAMweather allows you to easily insert files into a template during output. This can be used to insert a common header or footer into your weather output. Thus, allowing you to simply change a couple files to personalize your weather site. (Those familiar with SSI will know the power of this option.)

The Include files admin page looks similar to: (BTW these are also the predefined include files as well)

Other Include Options
Include Files
Add New Nick Name File Name
Del   Edit current current.html
Del   Edit footer footer.html
Del   Edit form1 form1.html
Del   Edit header header.html
Del   Edit nav1 nav1.html
Del   Edit nav2 nav2.html
Del   Edit nav3 nav3.html

Other Include Options Link:
This link allows you to set the default include files path. The Include Files Path is the location where the files to be included are located.   The default is the /templates/include directory if your HAMweather installation.

Add New Link:
This link will allow you to add a new include file setting.

Nick Name Column:
This is the nick name ofr the include file. This is the name you will use in your urls and paramter settings for the include file.

File Name Column:
This is the actual file that HAMweather should include.  This shoudl either be a relative filename, if so then HW will get the file from the default include file directory determined by the Include Files Path.  Or this can be a complete path and if so then HW will use the complete path to fetch the file to insert.