Administration : User Defined Variables

HAMweather has a full list of predefined variables that can be used in your templates, but at times, there may be a need for your own user defined variables.  For instance, you may want to pass a variable to dictate the background color, this way you could easily change it.  HAMweather will allow for these user defined variables.

A few notes about user defined variables syntax:

Administration : User Defined Variables : Presets

As stated in the User Defined Variable page, you can preset the values of user defined variables in the web based adminstration.  To do this, click on the 'User Defined Variables' link in the administration options att he top left of all administration pages.

To add a variable preset, type in the variable name, following the appropriate naming syntax,  in a blank left most text box.  Then type in the preset value for the variable  in the rightmost text box.  Finally check the checkbox to the left of the variable name you added.  When you submit the form the variable preset will be added to the users variable presets list.   To remove an preset file just unclick the checkbox to the left of the unwanted variable name  and submit the form.