Administration : Referrers

HAMweather understands that once you have your HAMweather site up and running that you may want to provide some security to keep other web sites from linking directly to your scripts.  To help stop this HAMweather allows for referrer checking.  This means you can have the HAMweather script make sure that the linking URL (referrer URL) if from an allowed domain.  Though this form of security is not extremely effective it can be used to keep the general  web developer from linking directory into your HAMweather scripts.

As stated this for of security is not 100 % effective, for some web browsers do not send the referrer URL  or the referrer URL can be forged, but HAMweather did not include this as  a stop all security.  Also, if the referrer URL is not provided HAMweather will work normally, this will allow HAMweather to work correctly from the command line or with browsers that do not send the referrer URL.

To use referrer checking you must first turn referrer checking on from the referrer administration page.  To get to this page simply click on the 'referrer' link in the administration options of any administration page.  The referer screen will look similar to:

Referer Mode Off Turn On
Add New Allowed Domains
Del   Edit
Del   Edit

At the top of the table HW will state weather Referer checking is on or off. To toggle this click the "Turn On" or "Turn Off" link.

Below this you will see any domain or ip addresses that have been entered as valid referer domains.  To delete one simply click ont he "Del" link.  TO edit click the "Edit" link and to add a new on click the "Add New" link.

NOTE: Referrer checking is  set on a per user basis.   Thus, if you have multiple users you will need to turn on and set allowable referrer domains for each user.

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