Administration : Themes

Theme Administration is very similar to user administration.  The one thing to remember when working with themes, the themes available are for the current user.  If all users  use the same themes (if all users have the same theme config file path) then modifying, adding or deleting a theme will change abilities for all users.  If however, users have their own themes (if users have their own specific theme config paths) then modifying a theme will only affect that user.

You can always see what the current theme is by the text box labeled "theme" near the top of all administration web pages.  This text box will always list the current theme that administration is being performed on.  Y

The web administration also allows for the maintenance of theme config files by clicking on the "theme" link in the administration options at the top left of any administration page.  A list of all the current theme config files will be listed.   From this screen you have the ability to add new themes, delete themes or switch to a theme.

Add New Theme

To add a new theme, simply click on the "Add New" button on the main theme screen(the one with the list of all themes). Next you will see another list of all current themes followed by a blank text box.  Type in the new theme name in this box and click the "add" button.  If successful, you will be prompted that the theme config file was created.  Actually what happens is that a copy of the "default.txt" theme config file is made and named with the new user theme.  Thus, the new theme will initially have all the same capabilities as the default theme.  Also remember this process only creates the theme config file.  You will still need to add any templates or custom icons as needed.

Delete a Theme

The process to delete a theme is simple (possibly too simple).  From the main theme screen, select the theme you want to delete and press the "Delete" button.   If successful you will be prompted that the theme config file was deleted.   Remember that this process just deletes the theme config file and not any user customized templates or icons that may exist.
NOTE: HAMweather Administration will not allow you to delete the "default" theme config file.

Switch to a Theme

If you are not sure of a theme name, then from the main theme administration page, you can select the theme you want to switch to and click the "Switch to" button at the end of the list of themes.

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