Quick and Easy Customization

I often hear that HAMweather can be hard to customize, well there is a way that you can do a quick and easy customization of HAMweather that only takes minutes.  The process is so simple I am not sure why i put it on a page by itself but here goes:

In the HAMweather Templates Directory you will find a subdirectory called 'include'.   In this 'include' subdirectory you will find several files such as, header.html and footer.html. 

Just change these files (header.html, footer.html and nav.html) and you can quickly brand HAMweather to match your site.

To make things even easier,  as of beta 2.08 some of the most common settings can be set via the web based administration.  If your browse to the web based administration and choose the User variables link you will see a screen that lists several user variable names and their values in text boxes.  You can simply edit the values and submit the form to change things like the titles on the template pages, the body arguments (background image, color link color etc) and more.  The complete list of the default user variables is below: (read below table on how to add your own new variables.)

User Variable Name Description
hwvbordercolor Border color.  This value set the color of the various frame borders. The default value is #000080
hwvheaderbgcolor This is the header background color for some of the various tables (Basically wherever you see the Navy blue background)  The default value is #000080
hwvheadertcolor This is the header text color for some of the various tables. (basically wherever you see the white text on the Navy blue background).  The default value is #FFFFFF
hwvboldtextcolor This sets the color of most of the significant'bold' text.  (Basically wherever you see the Bold, navy blue text). The default value is #000080
hwvtitle This is the value that will be placed in the title bar of all the pages outputted by HAMweather.  The default value is HAMweather
hwvbodyargs The is set to any paramters you want added into the '<body> tag.  thus you can set the background color, background image, text color etc of all the pages outputted by HAMweather.  Teh default value is   bgcolor="#FFFFFF" textcolor="#000000"   This setting will be added to the body tag thus setting the bacgound to white and the text color to black.

You can easily add your own additional variables for use in the templates by going to the web based administration, clicking on the User variables link and then adding new variables.  Once you add them here, simply add the variable name surrounded by '%%' (i.e. hwvnewvar would be %%hwvnewvar%%)  to your templates.  Read the User Defined Variables section under Admin for more information.