Customization: Themes

Once you have installed HAMweather on your server, you may wish to give HAMweather a personality or even multiple personalities.  This is where HAMweather themes can help.

With HAMweather themes, you can easily add additional "looks" to HAMweather.   You can even have multiple themes installed and working at the same time.   Themes give you custom weather icons and/or templates.  An example use of themes would be to easily change the HAMweather "look" for the holidays.  You could install themes for the various holidays, then to use one, simply modify your web link into HAMweather.  Usually, by adding the parameter "theme=themename" to the URL.   Thus, a sample URL may look like:

If you do not specify a theme then the name "default" is used by HAMweather.

Customization: What themes are available?

As HAMweather grows, HAMnet will design and offer several themes for use with HAMweather.  HAMnet also plans on developing a third party theme archive.  Visit the HAMweather theme area for more information.

Customization: Creation

If you have customized your HAMweather web site then you have performed the basic work to create a theme.  When creating a theme you make custom icons or custom templates or even both.  Then you store these files on the server, usually in a sub directory named after the theme in the corresponding area.  For example: The default templates are stored in the "templates" directory of the HAMweather cgi path.  If your theme consists of custom templates and is named "christmas" then you would create a subdirectory named "christmas" in the main templates directory and store the template files there.

Next you need to create a theme configuration file.  This is a file that gives HAMweather specific information on the theme.  These files are stored in the "theme" directory in the main HAMweather cgi path.  When it comes to naming the file you just add the extension ".txt" to the name of the theme. Thus a theme named "christmas" would have a configuration file with the name "christmas.txt"

Actually when it comes to creating this theme file, the HAMweather web administration can create the file and allow you to set the various settings.   Review the HAMweather web administration  pages for further details.

Customization: Installation

When it comes to installing a theme, there will should be instructions provided with it that explain the installation.

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