Customization: Multiple Users

HAMweather 2.0 has the very powerful ability to allow one installation of HW on a server provide multiple clients/users with personal customized HW sites.  This is not to be confused with the ability to have multi web site visitors obtain forecasts, but the ability for an ISP to have one installation of HW on a server and allow the various clients to create their own HW web sites. 

Since only one installation needs to be made per server then upgrading can be performed easily.  Also resources are saved because all the various HW sites on the server will use the same cache, thus reducing disk space usage and bandwidth.  Each users HW templates and graphics can be stored in their corresponding web space thus, allowing for the disk space used to be part of their disk allowance.  Also, each user can have their own themes that cannot be accessed by others web sites on the server. 

The process of allowing for multiple users is easily done.  Simply include the user parameter in the links to the HAMweather cgi.  For example: If Bob was a user and had a custom HW site then he would just add "user=bob" to his links to the HW site. An example URL may look like:

If no user name is provided or the user doesn't exist then the name of "default" is used by HAMweather.

Customization: User Setup

When setting up a new user, you need to create a user configuration file.  This is a file that gives HW specific information on the user .  These files are stored in the "user" directory in the main HW cgi path.  When it comes to naming the file you just add the extension ".txt" to the name of the user. Thus a user named "bob" would have a configuration file with the name "bob.txt"

Actually when it comes to creating this user configuration file, the HW web administration can create the file and allow you to set the various settings.    Review the HW web administration  pages for further details.

Customization: User Administration

As stated above the HW web administration will allow you to create users and set various settings for them.  As of HW 2 Beta 1 the web administration does not allow for users to administer their own sites, using security etc.  This feature will be added before the final release.  Currently it is suggested that you set the user up then provide them with information on customizing the templates etc. that you have placed in their own web space.


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