HAMweather Overview

HAMweather is a FREE weather software package that can be used to add custom weather capabilities to your web site.  These added weather forecasting abilities will provide the user interactivity you need  to keep your web visitors coming back.   HAMweather can be installed on a Unix, Windows NT or  a Windows 95/98 web server with minimal effort.  HAMweather  also adds the ability for ISP's to set up a single installation and have multiple clients create their own custom weather site.

HAMweather comes in three flavors: HAMweather Pro, Standard and Lite.  You can choose the version that best suits your needs and requirements and remember it doesn't matter which version you choose, they are all FREE.

HAMweather Standard, is the base weather system allowing users to get weather forecasts for the US and canada,  current conditions for cities through out the world, clickable state image maps.

HAMweather Pro, provides all the features in HAMweather Standard and also allows for additional features such as dynamic forecast, summary and warning map generation.

HAMweather Lite, is a stripped down version of HAMweather Standard.  This version only allows for the basic use of fetching weather forecasts for the US and canada.  This version is useful for sites that do not have the space or need for all of the HAMweather features.

To expand the capabilities of HAMweather further there are several FREE add-ons that may be installed.  Such as HWemail, HWscroll, and HWimage.

How does HAMweather work?

HAMweather allows users to obtain weather forecasts and other various weather information using a web interface.

When the user requests weather information, HAMweather will obtain the text data, as needed, from the National Weather Service (NWS), the Interactive Weather Information Network (IWIN) and the Environmental Canada.  The raw data is then parsed, cleaned up and presented to the user in a nice, clean customized web page.

You can easily customize HAMweather by editing html templates. Thus, allowing you to have complete control over the look and feel of your weather site.

HAMweather Standard Features

The following are a few of the many features included in HAMweather 2.0:

  • HAMweather is Free!!! That's right, HAMweather gives your web site weather capabilities for free!!
  • Works with Web browsers such as, Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL and more.
  • US forecasts searchable by "city, ststae", "state", or zipcode.
  • International Current conditions available for hundreds of cities around the world.
  • Many United States National forecasts, warnings and reports available.
  • Several state level forecasts/reports available. Including, zone, short-term and state forecasts, watches and warning reports.
  • Canadian forecasts
  • Emailing of forecasts to subscribers option included. (Requires HWemail add-on to be installed)
  • User interface easily customized using HTML templates.
  • Support for the HAMweather Themes.  You can now give your HAMweather site multiple looks.
  • Support for several Java applet add-ons included.(Requires HWscroll add-on be installed
  • New smarter and more efficient weather parsing engine.
  • New smarter and more efficient forecast caching engine.
  • Multiple Users with individually customized HAMweather sites.
  • Web Based Administration
Additional HAMweather Pro Features

*  Cities available on US forecast map are limited to those included in the NWS IWIN's National Travelers Forecast.
** Cities available on US Summary map are limited to those included in the NWS IWIN's National Summary.

Additional HAMweather Pro Requirements

HAMweather Pro needs the same requirements as HAMweather with one exception.  The Perl GD.pm module must be installed on your server for the dynamic maps to be generated.   If you are not sure if the Perl GD.pm module is installed on your server then contact your system administrator or use the Pre-install Test script included in the HAMweather distribution.

NOTE: GIF support is in GD.pm 1.19 and earlier.  PNG support only in GD.pm 1.20 through 1.25. PNG and JPEG support in GD.pm 1.26.  Unix users can download gd.pm from CPAN at: http://www.perl.com/CPAN-local/modules/by-module/GD/   NT users should have your Provider install the module via the Perl package manager (PPM).

Now to the License Agreement

HAMweather copyright 2000 by HAMweather, LLC, all rights reserved.