Installation : Trouble Shooting

If you followed the Five easy steps to installation and are having troubles THis page may be able to help you solve your problem.

Trouble Shooting Server Errors

If you get a 500 Error (Internal Server Error), then one of the following is likely the problem:

If you get a 404 Error (File Not Found), then the URL that you entered does not correspond to the location where you put the hw2test.cgi script in step 2.   You should double check the URL even the spleen and capitalization of the URL.

If you get a 403 Error (Forbidden), then you most likely forgot to change the permissions to 0755(executable) or you did not put the script in a directory with the appropriate CGI permissions.

If you see the source code of the script and not an information page, then either the extension that you gave the script is incorrect (if you tried ".cgi" try ".pl" instead), or you did not put the script in a directory with appropriate CGI permissions.

Trouble Shooting Other Errors

So you didn't get a common server type error, so now whats the problem?

Cannot Connect to the IWIN and/or NWS servers error

Fetching page error : -hwERR Can't connect socket:Unknown error or
-hwERR Can't connect socket:Address family not supported by protocol family

Document Contains no Data (Netscape Users) or a Blank Screen (Internet Explorer Users)

This error happens when the HAMweather script outputs the appropriate headers and nothing else.  The normal reasons for failure are:

Note: As of Version 2.0 Beta 2.03 HAMweather uses version checkig that should help in stopping a lot of the Document Contains no Data (Netscape Users) or a Blank Screen (Internet Explorer Users) error for if the is not installed or the permissions to the needed library files or incorrect an error will be displayed.

Error loading files XXXXXX


HAMweather Debug Mode

HAMweather contains a debug mode that will give you information about your server, parameters passed to HAMweather and other pertinent HAMweather information.  To use this mode simply browse to the hamweather.cgi filr and pass the debug=1 parameter.   The URL would look similiar to the following URLs:

When you access the debug mode of HAMweather you will see the perl environmental variables, the passed parameters, versions of HAMweather and all loaded hamweather library files and other pertinent information.  If for some reason you do not see this information then the Debug ability may have been turned off. You can turn debug mode capability on by going tothe web based admin, clicking the system settings link, and then selected the "On with 'debug=1' paramter" or "Always On" options next to the 'Debug mode" setting.  Alternatively, in the hwconfig.txt file there is a variable named $allow_debug.  This variable should be set to 0 to turn on debug ability or 1 to turn off.  Changing that line the hwconfig.txt file to the following would turn debug ability on:

$allow_debug = 0;

This debug information maybe useful in solving your HAMweather problems.  When you are done debugging if youwant to turn the debug ability off simply change the $allow_debug value to '1' in the hwconfig.txt file.

The Support Center

If all else fells try out the HAMweather support Center at Near the botomof this page you will be able to goto the Support Forums or you can goi directly to them at

NOTE: Once at the support center you can view past threads for up to 365 days.  SImple click the options link and select how many days worth of past threads to view.

Hmmm.. I need some trouble shooting help.